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I wrote these first three songs as birthday presents for Harriet over the past several years.


Aquí y Acullá

This song, almost a lullaby, deals with the fact that in Spanish there are a number of ways to say “over here” and “over there,” which can be very confusing to someone like me trying to learn this beautiful language.

Listen to: Aquí y Acullá

Nuestro Hogar

A song about our home, with a great guitar solo by our older son Matt. Our house is surrounded by trees, and the song describes them as “dancing slowly around our home.”

Listen to: Nuestro Hogar

Otra Cancion

Literally “Another Song,” a love song about the treasure of being together.

Listen to: Otra Cancion

Tras Bambalinas

This is the theme song for my film of the same name. It means “Behind the Scenes.” The terrific Lawrence guitarist John Lomas joins me on this one.

Listen to: Tras Bambalinas Mix