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This was the closing song from my first Menninger Video Production.

Piano by wonderful Kelly Hunt, lead guitar by fine musician Marvin Hunt, drums by Gary Mackender.

When I was 45 I already felt like I’d been alive for a long time…looking back I was a youngster then.
A simple love song.

This tune was written with wonderful musician Greg Allen, who arranged and played all but the solo guitar on the track.


How two people fit together in a long-term relationship–a wonderful challenge to have.
My sons’ favorite.

Lyrics by my good friend, outstanding singer-songwriter Rick Frydman.

Tras Bambalinas/Behind The Scenes

by Steve Lerner

Written for my short film by the same name. Guitar lead by the incomparable John Lomas.
A retirement song, and not just from the railroad. 

​Harriet didn’t do well on the Miller’s Analogy Test, required by most Psychology doctoral programs except the City University of New York. Had she scored better on it,  we would never have met! Thank you Dr. Miller!

Willy's Song

by Steve Lerner, with Kelley Hunt, Marvin Hunt, and Gary Mackender

The Garden of Eden

by Steve Lerner, with Paul Raskin on lead guitar

Lady J

by Steve Lerner, with John Lomas on lead guitar